Fleet Services

The appearance of your vehicle is important not only to you but to your customers as well. A well maintained vehicle gives a professional image and shows pride in your associates and your company.
Dunn’s Auto Detailing understands this importance so we have competitive prices to meet your needs.
Fleet Pricing:Call for Pricing

A.   Cement Trucks
B.   Step Delivery Vans
C.   Vans
D.   Pick-Ups
E.   Cars
F.   3-Axle Tractors
G.   2-Axle-Tractors
H.   Bobtails
I.   Garbage Trucks
J.   Gas Trucks (Bobtails)
K.   Gas Trucks (Tractor/Trailer)
L.   Flat Bed (Tractor/Trailer)
M.   Pump Tanker Trucks
N.   28 ft. Trailer Box
O.   40 ft. Trailer Box